Mini Course

Creating Distance

This mini course uses the video instruction from Dianne’s lessons in Series 39, Creating Distance. As images move into a distance their characteristics gradually change. We will see value contrasts decreasing from strong to close, hues might gently merge from one to another, intensities often become more neutral, textures can progressively disappear, and sizes will […]

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Guiding the Eye

This mini course uses the video lessons in Series 2, Guiding the Eye. The mini course focuses on using the tools of value contrasts and value gradation for guiding the eye around the painting so that it makes visual sense and so that it keeps the viewer’s eye within the painting.

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Mastering Gesture Drawing

This mini course uses the instruction recorded in Dianne’s video lesson, Gesture Drawing Explained. There are exercises for you to do in this course. They are to give guided practice for learning how to practice gesture drawing. Please follow these instructions carefully to be sure you get the most out of each section.

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