Mastering Gesture Drawing

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This mini course uses the instruction recorded in Dianne’s video lesson, Gesture Drawing Explained. There are exercises for you to do in this course. They are to give guided practice for learning how to practice gesture drawing.

Please follow these instructions carefully to be sure you get the most out of each section.


You will need lots of paper, so purchasing a drawing pad
no smaller than 14 x 17 inches will be a good idea. A
drawing pad this size or larger allows you plenty of space
to do multiple practice drawings on one sheet.
You will also need soft drawing pencils. If you can find the
Ebony pencils, they are wonderful for gesture drawing,
however any soft pencil will work well - at least 2B or
And a good pencil sharpener will make your life much
easier. Gesture drawing work best with a sharpened

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