Dianne Will Make for You a Video Critique

If you would like Dianne to help you with a painting you are working on or one you have finished, this Painting Critique is one choice she offers. Dianne will create a video critique of your work and send to you. (Note, this is not a one/one session with Dianne, but a video critique she will make for you.)

Here’s how it works: You purchase the critique by clicking on the button below, then checking out. After you check out, you will be taken to a PDF with a Guide for you to follow.

For more than one painting, please purchase a critique for each painting. For example, if you want three paintings critiqued, then click on the three painting option before checking out.

Dianne's critiques are positive and thorough. She will point out specifics where you have succeeded and where you could strengthen your work. If you have questions after you watch your critique, she will happily answer them for you.

Dianne's video critique fee is $40 per painting. She will accept up to three paintings per order.

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