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The Videos

Even though the videos are included in the Homework section, for your convenience here are forever links to them. If you want to put them on your computer, you can download them while watching.

Photo References

Your Homework

Let’s get to work.

Purpose: The purpose of this homework is to give guided practice for successfully working with negative space (shapes) in your paintings. Please read and follow these instructions carefully to be sure you get the most out of the lesson.

In the section above, there are downloadable links to three reference photos, labeled Option A, Option B, and Option C. Choose one of these references for your homework or if you have a reference that you’d prefer to use, do so.  If you are working non-objectively, no reference is needed.

Your homework is divided into four parts, each a follow-up of the videos from the workshop.  Click on the links with the titles and follow the progression.  And above all, have fun doing your homework!

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