Varying and Repeating Colors

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Your Study Hall

Tomorrow, June 29, Dianne will open a Study Hall at 1 p.m. Eastern (Check your time zone). This is an informal chat time with her to ask any questions you might have or to gain clarity. Join us by clicking on this button.

The Videos

The video lessons you watched during the workshop session are included within your Homework on the Academy. However, if, in addition to having them available within your Homework, you would like to also download copies of them to keep, click on the link below. Otherwise, ignore this Videos section of your Guide.

Photo References

Your Homework asks you to do a study. You may use your own reference or choose from three options Dianne has selected. The links to those options are in Lesson 2 .

Your Homework

Let’s get to work.

Purpose:  We  understand a concept more clearly when we experience it.  This guided practice will do just that for successfully varying and repeating colors in your paintings.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully to be sure you get the most out of the lesson.

Your homework is divided into four parts, each includes corresponding video from the workshop.  Click on the titles and follow the progression.  And above all, have fun doing your homework!

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