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Even though the videos are included in the Homework section, for your convenience, here are links to them.   

Your Homework

Let’s get to work.

Purpose: The purpose of this homework is to give guided practice for successfully using contrast as a tool for building  more successful and energetic paintings.   Please follow these instructions carefully to be sure you get the most out of each lesson.

Your homework is divided into Lessons.  Each lesson includes Prompts.  These are sections of the Lesson where you will participate, either by watching a video or by doing an activity.   Each Lesson includes the corresponding video from the workshop. Click on the links to move about from one lesson or one prompt to another.  You will also see a column on the left where you can navigate back and forth within the homework.

The button at the bottom of this page will take you to directly to your homework,  if you are already signed in to your Academy account.  If you are not signed in, click on My Account, sign in, then follow the link to Your Profile Page. Your Homework is listed on Your Profile Page.

There are three ways you can come back to your homework to pick up where you left off:

►  Bookmark the page in your browser

Go to the Academy at and sign in at My Account then go to Your Profile Page where your Homework is listed.
► Go to the Academy at , cursor down in the course titles, and click on your workshop in the course listings.
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