• It includes all the instructions and links to upcoming activities relating to your Workshop: The Study Hall, Your Group Coaching Session, Your Homework, and References for Your Homework Exercise.

Your Study Hall

Tomorrow, December 14, Dianne will open a Study Hall at 2 p.m. Eastern (Check your time zone).This is an informal chat time with her to ask any questions you might have or to gain clarity. No registration is necessary for the Study Hall. Join us by clicking on this button or clicking on the link from another one of our communications to you.

The Videos

The 2 video lessons you watched during the workshop session are included within your Homework on the Academy. If in addition to watching them from there, you'd also like to download them to keep, you may do so by clicking on Materials on your Course Page which is the first page of your Homework section in the Academy.

A video of our live practice session will be posted in your Homework within eight hours after the workshop session is over. Roger needs time to get it formatted and produced.

Photo References

Your Homework includes an exercise that explores three images. To access all three of these, click on the buttons below, then when the image opens, click on the arrow at the upper right of the photo to download each of them onto your computer or tablet.

Your Homework

Let’s get to work.

Purpose:  The best way to master a skill is to practice it.  This exercise will give you an opportunity to do that and then to get feedback from Dianne during group coaching.

Your homework includes a fun quiz and a single exercise that guides you through it by giving you reminders while doing it.  Above all, have fun doing this exercise!

To get to your Homework, first  login below.   Use your username and password for the Academy.  If you don’t know your username, email and ask for it.  If you forgot your password, click on “Lost your password?” to create a new one.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure your email Spam filter does not block or .

The link below takes you to a page labeled Your Account Dashboard.  From there, log in, then click on Your Profile Page.  If you need help navigating the homework, click on How to Navigate Your Course in the Academy menu.

If you are already logged in, you will see a message: Hello…

You will see your Homework listed in Your Profile Page.  To get started click on the workshop title.

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