Part 4: Refining the Links

Watch Dianne finish her study if you need to.

Continue your study.

Here’s where you pull together opportunities to use link your shadows whether (1) within the value fields, (2) using intersect shadows into light fields and/or lights into shadow fields, (3) physically connecting isolated shadows or (4) using directional movement to point isolated shadows towards one another or towards other shadows.

The refinement is always where the rubber meets the road. If at any point during your Study, you need help, email Dianne at . She will answer you as soon as she can.

When you have finished your study, take a photo of it. If you chose to upload, follow the same instructions in the notan portion. Or email your photo to Dianne as usual at .

Be sure you send your photos at least four hours prior to your coaching session with Dianne.

Words of Wisdom

● Stay Focused on the Lesson’s Concept. This workshop is not intended to help you produce a painting, but to teach you about the concept of this lesson.
● Remember, You Are Not Performing. While doing your homework, keep in mind that a piano student does not go into a lesson to give a concert. Neither should a painting student take a class to create a finished painting. Focus your energy on developing your skills, not on creating something to show. This attitude is essential.
● And above all, relax and have fun!

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