Part 2: Finding and Editing Value Fields

Review the Video:

Do Your Preliminary Drawing and Notan

Step 1: Do your preliminary drawing. It is here where you will place the images where they should be. If any of them need to be relocated or editing in any way, this is where you do that.

Step 2: Do your notan. Use only one value for the shadow part of it. Remember, if you use more than one value to show the in-shadow part of the notan pattern, it is no longer a notan, but a value study.

Take a photo of your notan

There are two ways to send your photo to Dianne. 1. Upload it in the Assignments Upload section below. In that case, LABEL YOUR PHOTO AS FOLLOWS: Your name- Option number- Notan (Example: Ed Fischer-Option A- Notan).

Or you can email your photo to Dianne like usual. In that case, name your Option number chose in your email and send to

NOTE: For assignment upload, you will label these photos wherever you store your photos. The Assignment Uploads loads only the photo, so the label will tell Dianne which option you have chosen.

Watch this video if you have doubts about the notan concept.

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