Courses About Values


Conveying the Light Source

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
• How to locate the primary light source
• How to determine whether primary light source is direct or diffused.
• How to determine the direction and strength of the light rays
• How planes are being hit by light rays or thrown into shadow


Working with Notan

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
•How to make a notan of shadows and not-in-shadow
• How to translate the notan into a large range of values
• How to determine which portions of the notan belong in the middle value range
• How to shift value ranges and keep values balanced


Translating Shadows

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
• The kinds of shadows and how behave
• How to set your palette for creating shadows
• How to set a notan as foundation for the painting
• How to mix colors and values for realistic shadows.


Controlling Value Contrasts

In this MASTER COURSE, you will learn...
• How to recognize the intervals between values
• How to determine the degrees of any value contrast
• How to control the degree of contrast
• How to use value contrast to guide the eye

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