Courses About Design & Composing Space


Mastering Foreshortening

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
•How the angle of edges changes when planes of images are turned away from us
•How the length of planes get shorter the further they are turned away from us
•How sometimes shapes in front will overlap those that are receding •How as shapes recede, they get smaller


Determining Placement of Images

In this MASTER COURSE, you will learn...
• How to decide where to place your images
• How visual movement is created by placement
• How to align images for dynamic and static movement
• How to crop for the strongest placement


Controlling DEGREES of Emphasis

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
●The roles saturation (intensity, chroma) play in our paintings
●What happens to hues when saturated or desaturated
●How to control degrees of saturation in every value
● How and when to use strong saturation in our paintings


Composing with Visual Paths

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn..
● The major ways visual paths are created
● How visual paths work
● How to control visual movement
● How to decide which visual paths to use


Working with Negative Space

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
● How to determine whether a space is negative or positive
● What causes a space to read negative or positive
● How to keep negative and positive space relating in your painting
● How to balance negative and positive space

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Giving Shapes Character

In this MASTER COURSE You Will Learn...
• What shapes with character means
• How to observe the personality hidden within shapes
• How to use edges and tilts of angles to interpret a shape’s character
How to use variations of values and colors to interpret the shape’s character

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