Courses About Color


Cracking the Color Code

In this MASTER COURSE You will learn...
• How to think about color to mix any color you see
• A color-relationship method for setting up your palette
• How to use the color wheel as your guide
• How recognize hue, value and intensity while painting.


Creating Luminosity

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
• What causes us to see luminescence
• The skill of gradation in creating luminosity
• The role of using color chords in creating luminosity
• How to set up your palette for creating luminosity in your paintings


Working with Warm and Cool Colors

In this MASTER COURSE, you will learn...
• Why we call colors warm or cool
• How to discern whether a color is warm or cool
• Ways to make colors warmer or cooler
• How to use warm and cool colors in our paintings


Controlling the Saturation of Colors

In this MASTER COURSE you will learn...
● The roles saturation (intensity, chroma) play in our paintings
● What happens to hues when saturated or desaturated
● How to control degrees of saturation in every value
● How and when to use strong saturation in our paintings


Varying & Repeating Colors

In this MASTER COURSE, you will learn...
• How repeating and varying can enrich your paintings
• How to use variations of hue, with saturation, and/or with value in your paintings
• How to vary with a progression of tertiaries
• Ways to repeat color for color harmony and unity
• How to repeat and vary color at the same time


Balancing Color

In this MASTER COURSE, you will learn...
● What it means for colors to be out of balance
● How to develop an eye for identifying colors out of balance.
● The kinds of color relationships and how they can be used to create color balance.
● How to keep your colors balanced from start to finish.


Harnessing Warm & Cool Colors

In this MASTER COURSE, you will learn...
● The two ways colors can be warm or cool
● How to balance warm and cool in your painting
● How to enhance neutrals by alternating warm and cool
● How to enrich a single area of color by inserting an opposite temperature


Getting To Know Your Tube Colors

This FREE Concept Lesson guides you through how to get to know your tube color so that you can work with them with total confidence and flexibility.

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