Composing with Visual Paths

For your course work, you will need your painting gear and a painting surface appropriate to your medium. It is important that you approach your course work as a study exercise. YOU ARE NOT MAKING A PAINTING, but you are doing a practice exercise that is studying methods for composing with visual paths. For this …

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Determining Placement of Images

This course will teach you how to place images in your paintings for the best composition for what you are expressing. The course includes four video lessons followed by an opportunity to email Dianne with any questions you might have about it. The lessons will guide you through doing your own study for practicing principles …

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Working with Warm and Cool Colors

This course will teach why we call colors warm or cool, how we can distinguish whether a color is warm or cool, and how we can control warm and cool colors in our paintings.

Creating Luminosity

This course will teach you the four major skills for creating luminosity in your paintings.

Cracking the Color Code

This course will teach you the skill of identifying and mixing any color you see or want to create.

Creating Distance

This mini course uses the video instruction from Dianne’s lessons in Series 39, Creating Distance. As images move into a distance their characteristics gradually change. We will see value contrasts decreasing from strong to close, hues might gently merge from one to another, intensities often become more neutral, textures can progressively disappear, and sizes will …

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Guiding the Eye

This mini course uses the video lessons in Series 2, Guiding the Eye. The mini course focuses on using the tools of value contrasts and value gradation for guiding the eye around the painting so that it makes visual sense and so that it keeps the viewer’s eye within the painting.

Mastering Gesture Drawing

This mini course uses the instruction recorded in Dianne’s video lesson, Gesture Drawing Explained. There are exercises for you to do in this course. They are to give guided practice for learning how to practice gesture drawing. Please follow these instructions carefully to be sure you get the most out of each section.

Controlling Value Contrasts

This course will teach you now to recognize degrees of value contrast in your subjects, and how to use them in your paintings.

Mastering Foreshortening

This course will teach you how to see foreshortening and how to translate what you are seeing into your paintings and drawings.

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