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Homework: Notan Encore Workshop

For your homework, you will need your painting gear and a painting surface appropriate to your medium. It is important that you approach your homework study as just that–a study exercise. YOU ARE NOT MAKING A PAINTING, but you are doing a practice exercise that is studying methods for using color schemes. For this reason, …

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Creating Luminosity

This course will teach you the four major skills for creating luminosity in your paintings.

Cracking the Color Code

This course will teach you the skill of identifying and mixing any color you see or want to create.

Controlling Value Contrasts

This course will teach you now to recognize degrees of value contrast in your subjects, and how to use them in your paintings.

Mastering Foreshortening

This course will teach you how to see foreshortening and how to translate what you are seeing into your paintings and drawings.

Translating Shadows

This course will teach you the types of shadows, how to find them and how to communicate them in your painting.

Working with Notan

This course teaches you how to use the notan to locate the light and shadow patterns you see in your subjects, and how to set that pattern as an underpainting that can guide you towards completing your work under any light source.

Conveying the Light Source

A course that teaches you the difference between a primary, secondary and tertiary light source, how to locate the primary light source and communicate it in your paintings

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